Department of Materials Science & Engineering


Areas of professional competence of the Department

Areas of science that form the basis of the research activities of the Department:

  • Materials science
  • Mechanics
  • Technical thermodynamics
  • IT

Based on these, the research activities of the Department can be divided into 5 large groups.

    Forming technology

Application of classic plastic forming technologies
Investigation of the effect of intensive plastic formation on material structure
Computer modeling of forming technology processes

    Welding and heat treatment

Application of welding technologies in welding of ultra-high strength and high alloy steels
Application of new types of welding processes
Application of automated, robotic welding procedures
Classical heat treatment processes
Different surface treatment procedures
Computer modeling of welding and heat treatment processes

    Composite technology

Production of metal matrix composites
Production of metal foams and syntactic metal foams
Computer modeling of mechanical properties of metal foams

    Medical technology

Surface treatment of implants
Application of additive manufacturing technology for the production of implants
Development and testing of vascular inserts
Biocompatibility studies

    Materials testing

Mechanical material tests (for the determination of standard measures and technological tests)
Metallographic examinations
Fine structure tests
Corrosion tests
Non – destructive material testing
Special material tests

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